Bohemian Whites

  • Crochet sweater from Old Navy $12
  • Slipdress from Thrifted $5 *Pop of value!
  • Over-the-knee socks from Target $6
  • Boots from Macy's $120 (Jessica Simpson)
  • Pearls from Plato's Closet $5
This cream on cream in this outfit is a nice alternative to the white on white trend this season. It looks a bit more vintage, and richer when worn in fabrics like silk. Crochet is also big this season, and layers well (not too bulky) over the delicate silk for a bit of warmth when you need it. Pearls in an off-white color complement the softness of this look well, while the over=the-knee socks keeps your fall boots looking fresh for spring. A belt that picks up the richness of the brown in the boots while breaking up the monotony of the cream throughout your outfit. This is an easily thrown together look that is extremely comfortable and ready for spring!

Pop of health/fitness: Forgive yourself, and allow yourself to enjoy life. If you want a piece of cake- eat it. Just don't eat a gigantic piece. Depriving yourself will only make you more likely to overeat when you finally break down. Enjoying our food is one of life's greatest pleasures, so don't deny yourself. Simply eat half of what you're served at a restaurant or split the dessert with a friend.
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