High-waisted Cutoffs & Polka Dot Cropped Tank

  • Thrifted shorts
  • Thrifted tank
  • Sandals from DSW
So my mom and I had a girls' day today and went shopping, out to lunch, got pedicures, and then went to Discover Presque Isle with my aunt. We had a blast, it was so nice out today and there were a ton of great sales. We took pictures at Discover Presque Isle and went around to the different shops and had some snacks. There were definitely some interesting characters there including this woman who had a parrot she kept bringing around everywhere and petting. Definitely interesting... I made out pretty well today while shopping and got some pretty great deals- can't wait to share them with you! Don't you just love it when the stars align and almost everything you find fits you just right? It's very rare for me, and when it happens I get really excited. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend!

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