Layering Denim, a Military Vest & Florals

It was another gorgeous day here in Erie and although it was raining earlier today, the sun ended up coming out right in time to make it a beautiful day! Didn't know exactly how to dress for the day, so I layered. This outfit was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers- Julia from galmeetsglam.com. This look could easily work without the vest; or even with the tank I had on underneath the denim shirt.

I wanted to bring together the layers by tying off the denim and creating a shape with a neutral waist belt. I loved the "pop of color" the skirt brings- it's so versatile!

This vintage Ralph Lauren vest is something I plan on layering over many pieces this fall. It took quite some time to find one! *A hint- if you have just as much trouble finding one as I did, find a simple military jacket (should be on sale now in stores like Charlotte Russe , American Eagle) and cut the sleeves off. Ironically, I was able to find a lot more of these jackets than their vest counterparts!

Pop of health/fitness: Day 3 of our journey. We bought high fiber cinnamon roll oatmeal yesterday that is supposed to provide 40% of our daily fiber intake. We each had a bowl of this with a little skim milk and a piece of whole wheat toast with spray butter. It was the first time I felt full until lunch in a long time!

For lunch we had a salad with carrots, tomatoes, and leftover steak from last night's dinner along with oil and vinegar dressing. It was delicious!

For dinner, we are having grilled chicken and a sweet potato- I can't wait! Tonight starts my first elliptical workout for this plan, I'll let you know how it goes! 
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