Life Lately

  1. My best friend and I out for my birthday
  2. The English honors class I taught this semester
  3. My new fringe purse (from Black Friday!) and part of my detox diet (lost 7 lbs. on it!)
  4. Gold dress from Express that will be used in the GoErie video this Wednesday!
  5. Sleepy pitbull while I study
  6. My new leopard booties finally arrived!
  7. The book I've been teaching my 8th grade students: "Monster"
  8. My boyfriend Nate and I on my birthday
  9. Mixing plaid, denim, and sequins on my way to night class
  10. The turquoise ring I bought on Sugar Plum Sunday from a local vintage store
  11. My presentation from the teaching showcase tonight
  12. Our Christmas tree!
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