Repurpose a New Year's Eve Dress

    • Dress & sweater from Marshalls
    • Tights from Urban Outfitters
    • Scarf from Charming Charlie

So how do you justify buying a perfectly sparkly NYE dress? Repurpose it of course! Here is one of the ways I have repurposed a NYE dress. I love how colored tights are the perfect complement to a sequined black dress. It allows the sparkle to take the stage while creating interest with added color.

This scarf was a gift from Christmas. I love all the colors and patterns. I'm excited to use this to instantly jazz up any solid top. One of the easiest ways to add warmth without bulk to a dress like this is to add a lengthy sweater. I loved this particular one because of the fur embellishment. The fur makes it look classier while also adding even more warmth to your look! How do you repurpose your NYE clothing?
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