Yellow Silk & White Jeans

  • Yellow silk top from Salvation Army $1 *Pop of value!
  • White jeans from Aeropostale $13
  • Earrings from Gabriel Brothers $4
  • Belt from Hollister $20
  • Wedge sandals from Macy's $45 (Steve Madden)

I was feeling the sunshine this weekend, where we finally had a day that actually resembled warm spring weather! This top was part of my great finds this past Wednesday at Salvation Army and bonus- it's lightweight silk making it perfect for hot summer weather. Vibrant hues ran rampant all over this spring runways, and these colors are easy to find practically anywhere for an affordable price. Yellow looks great with neutrals such as white, khaki, and black; but for a look that's uniquely spring 2011- try wearing it with cobalt blue and red orange. Metallic silver, turquoise, and gold (especially rose gold this season) jewelry complement this look perfectly without challenging the brights in the outfit.

Pop of health/fitness: Pick just 3 nights a week and go to sleep one hour earlier than usual. That extra sleep will help slow the production of cortisol, which increases belly fat and can suppress the immune system.
Information from www.cliffviewpilot.com
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  1. Love your pop of health/fitness and as always, your outfit!

  2. Thanks Amanda! :) I really appreciate your feedback!


I really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment, thank you! :)

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