Florals & Stripes

  • Tank from Plato's Closet $6 (American Eagle)
  • Necklace from Gabriel Brothers $7 (FCUK-French Connection)
  • Waist belt from Body Central $10
  • Skirt from Body Central $7 *Pop of value!
  • T-strap sandals from Target $12
Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day yesterday! This is what I wore when we took my mom out for dinner to Firebird's. For those of you who haven't been there, make the trip because the food and service was amazing! Mixing prints is, in my opinion, a unique way to remix your wardrobe and bring some new life to your clothes. With that being said, there's no doubt it has been a challenge for me to get the hang of it (I'm still working on it)! One of the easiest ways to start off dabbling in this trend is to mix stripes with a floral print. Generally, the rules are to keep the larger print on the top, and the smaller print on the bottom. This particular combo works well with the stripes on the top and the floral on the bottom, as it is more pleasing to the eye. To mix prints, simply take one color to streamline the outfit, and make sure the exact color is dominantly present in both the top and bottom. When wearing a skirt for the bottom, its always a good idea to break the patterns up with a waist belt; this also helps to smooth out lumps in the fabric that are a result from tucking your shirt in.

Pop of health/fitness: Before sitting down for your evening meal, take a moment to relax with deep breathing, listening to a favorite calming CD, or taking a walk. You will do yourself and your digestive system a favor by eating in a more relaxed state. Stress also tends to cause overeating, so chilling out before your meal will help you better know when to say when.
Information from weightloss.about.com
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  1. Great blog ! Happy to follow this nice vintage fashion inspirations, so cool , add to my two blogroll favorites

  2. Thank you! I'll be sure to check yours out!


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