Marshalls Collaboration: Finding Your Best Fitting Lingerie (For Your Body & Wallet!) & $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

My Finds for $50

I can't tell you how excited I was when I was asked to collaborate with Marshalls to promote their lingerie line! For the promotion, I was given $50 to explore the store and come up with my favorite "lingerie finds" and the above is what I found.

Honestly, I was just as shocked, that I could find all of this for just $50. Compare this to just one bra at Victoria's Secret or any other higher-end lingerie store. I remember I used to only buy my bras and panties from such stores, but after what I've just found- I'm changing my tune. With great quality finds from DKNY, IZOD, and Calvin Klein; I'm sure you'll find something you like too. 

One of my favorites was the nude seamless bra I found by Warner's. It fits fantastically, and is untraceable under sheer tops. (Something I've found particularly tough to find). 

This strapless number is from Calvin Klein and is also a convertible bra. For only $17, it stays up, and is incredibly functional. Being a huge leopard fan, I naturally gravitated toward the prints (with neons, for extra fun!)- and found this tee shirt from on sale for $8, and this two pack of seamless (ultra-comfy) thongs for $5.50. 

Finding Your Best Fit

As a special treat, I had the opportunity to grab some quick tips from America's favorite bra and style guru, Jene Luciani, author of "The Bra Book" helping you all to find your best fitting lingerie. 

Undergarments for the top summer dress trends (one-shoulder, strapless, white, backless, long maxi etc.)

        No matter your bust size, a convertible bra can be your best friend. All you need to look for is a molded cup t-shirt style bra in a shade that matches your skin tone and that has removable straps. This can make it a strapless, one shoulder, halter and in some cases, a racer back!  Keep layers to a minimum and opt for breathable and lightweight fabrics when it comes to shape wear.

Bridal lingerie

       For bridal lingerie, know what you are looking for. Some women just want to look sexy while others have specific needs like accentuation of the bust, slenderizing hips or thighs, slimming down the midsection, etc. Make a list of points you would like to improve and possible suggestions to have armed when you head to the lingerie store.

Fit and Quality when making your next lingerie purchase

      Lingerie is something you really have to get into the store and try on.  You want it to be clingy in all the right places. Most importantly, pick something you feel sexy in. You definitely get what you pay for so quality fabrics or accents like Chantilly lace will cost more, plain and simple. But if you hit a store like Marshalls where you get brand name items at up to 60-percent off retail, you can have the better quality without the hefty price tag.

$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway to Marshalls

Well, you've heard the hype- now it's your turn! Here's your chance to win $50 to Marshalls to find your own great fit & style of lingerie! 

Here's how to enter:

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Contest will end July 9th!

* All of the aforementioned opinions are those of my own. Besides the interview with Jene Luciani, the article was written completely on my own with my own finds at my local Marshalls. I have purchased the above items with a gift certificate given to me and stand behind the opinions expressed by myself in the above article.

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  21. hehe, the leopard bra is so cute! To be honest I didn't know Marshall's really had a lingerie line...this is such a great tip!

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    Once again thank you so much! Doing a challenge of our own would be super fun to do, see what we come out of marshalls with. :) I KNOW it wouldn't be a problem to find amazing lingerie. Being on the smaller side, its hard to find cute stuff, i usually fit in teenage bras hahaha, how sad... so this would def. be an amazing win :) hope you consider me, thank you so much again <3.

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