Vintage Styled Pleated Shorts

  • Wedge sandals from DSW $45
  • Herringbone pleated wool shorts from Plato's Closet $8 (Old Navy)
  • Belt from Hollister $20
  • Blouse from Marshalls $12
  • Denim vest was thrifted for $3 (Guess)*Pop of value!
  • Necklace from Icing $2
Pleated shorts are in for spring and they look great in any texture, so experiment! Wedge sandals pair well with this short, as do any lightweight blouse/top. When working with a print like herringbone, it is important to keep the outfit as a whole looking polished by sporting it with neutral add-ons. Metallic accessories accentuate the chicness of the look-giving it some dimension, while neutral sandals elongate the leg.

Pop of health/fitness: Chili, peppers, salsa, mustard, and ginger can actually raise your metabolic rate. The result is you can burn calories much faster; up to 45% than that of a bland diet. These foods create a thermogenic burn, meaning they help the body to produce "heat," thus burning off calories.
Information from "The World's Best Kept Beauty Secrets" by Diane Irons
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  1. Lovely outfit and photography!
    Hope you follow me back!
    xo DC

  2. Gorgeous look and those shorts and white top are just gorgeous!! Love your sandals, too!!!

    xoxo, Gloria


  3. Thank you girls, following both of you :)

  4. You look beautiful, this could be one of my favorite outfits ... but that is just for now because you come up with one cute outfit after another and at prices that are to dire for.
    That shirt is AMAZING.



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