Bright & Nautical Midi Skirt

  • Wedge sandals from DSW $45
  • Midi skirt from Clothes Mentor $8
  • Nautical tank from Plato's Closet $6 (American Eagle)
  • Necklace from Plato's Closet $4
  • Thrifted vintage Guess denim vest $3 *Pop of value!
I know by now you've all heard of the maxi skirt being "in" this summer, but have you heard about the midi skirt making it's appearance? A trend emerging shortly after the maxi came onto the scene, the midi skirt (middle in length- hits between the knee and the ankle) is making it's debut in full force this summer. Don't worry about your height-anyone can wear one! Taller women can go for lengths as low as their ankles, while shorter women look best in lengths that are just below the knee. Brightly colored midi skirts such as the one above look best when paired with duller shades. Nude shoes worn with neutrals and pastels work wonderfully to highlight the vibrant hue of the skirt. Like I've mentioned before, jean vests and jackets are the perfect "topper" for any summer outfit when you want the layered look. The denim adds toughness to a delicate midi skirt and heels. Make the look unique by adding in a funky necklace that plays off the color in the outfit.

Photos by R Frank Photography www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography

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Information from First magazine
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  1. I really like this outfit, especially the yellow skirt.

    Davide - D&G Fever


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