Silk Top, Fur Vest & Corduroy Shorts

    • Silk top from Talbots
    • Jessica Simpson boots
    • Vintage thrifted corduroy shorts
    • AE belt
    • Michael Kors fur vest
    • French Connection necklace

Can't get enough of my new fur vest now that chillier weather is finally here! It's like wearing a huge fur blanket all day and it being socially acceptable. Perfect.

Anyways, this silk top is equally comfortable. I'm loving how soft it is and with all of it's perfectly blended fall colors, it paired nicely with soft distressed leather and neutrals.

Hope you enjoy!
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  1. Sooooooooo 70s glam wondrous. Been really into that lately so I'm in love! Wishing I had your silky top, cute.

    <3 Cambria

  2. love the vest. very rachel zoe!

    xoxo navy & orange

  3. I am so jealous of the warm weather you seem to be having! God, I would freeze to death if I went outside in that! Seriously, it's soooo cold out. We're calling for snow! Haha.

    Love your fall scenery! You look gorgeous as always!

    I Can Be Many Things


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