12 Days of Holiday Outfits: Let the Ball Drop

    • Dress from Macy's
    • Booties from Marshalls
    • Tights from Charlotte Russe
    • Vintage velvet shrug
    • Necklace from AE

Who doesn't love a little sparkle for New Year's Eve? I know I do. Finding the perfect dress, however, is definitely tougher than it looks. This little number is from Macy's (Juniors department) and for those of you who came to the Girls' World Expo- it may look familiar. I used it on one of my models during my fashion presentation. I loved it so much I had to show you all a look for NYE with it!

I did sort of the same concept here with it this time (adding the lace tights) but instead of dressing it down with biker boots, I added some suede ankle booties. I recently came across this beautiful velvet shrug in my mom's closet (lucky me!) and knew that the fabric would be the perfect addition to this eye-catching dress. Hope you enjoy!
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  1. your outfit is GORGEOUS! <3 I love those tights!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. Amazing dress! I need to find the perfect New Years dress!


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