Inspired by MJ

    • Sweater from Gabriel Brothers
    • Thrifted tank
    • Cords from PacSun (on sale now!)
    • Booties from Marshalls
    • Hat from Charlotte Russe (on sale now!)

I just had to share this outfit with you guys. I wore it this past weekend for a date night with my boyfriend thinking we were going out to a bar to see a band play and we ended up having a drink and seeing "Young Adult" and having just as much, if not more fun. Everything that night went completely opposite of planned (we were originally going to see The Descendants but we had the times wrong!) but it was one of those nights that were perfect anyway.

Anyways, after I'd gotten dressed to go out, my boyfriend says to me "Michael Jackson huh?" And I burst out laughing! I don't know if I was out of it, but I honestly didn't even realize that this is what I had looked like!

 It was one of those nights when you find one piece you want to wear (in this case I wanted to wear/revive this jewel-embellished sweater I bought the winter before last) and build onto it from there. I added this striped top to create interest and my comfy cords. Since this hat is new, (and I didn't want to bore Nate for another how many minutes doing my hair!) I wanted to wear it out!

Although shoulder embellishments were a big trend in winter '09, I still enjoy them. I haven't worn this sweater in probably about a year, but I wanted to hat to be the center of the look, so I decided to wear the sweater since the peachy color is plain and plays nicely with the burgundy.

Exciting news alert! I just bought my first DSLR camera yesterday! I bought a Canon EOS 60D and couldn't be more excited! This just may be the last outfit with my point and shoot camera! Once I start finding out more about my camera and its features I will start shooting tutorial videos and mens' style! Stay tuned!
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  1. What a fun outfit for a date night! I love when they are unexpectedly spontanious! :)

  2. Lovely outfit; the hat is perfect! <3

  3. thanks for your visit!
    I love the color of the hat, kisess :)

  4. Your outfit is so well put together, you look like something out of a magazine!


  5. Fabulous shoulder embellishment. You totally rocked this outfit.

  6. Hey first up thank you for dropping by our blog and leaving such sweet comment! Looking forward to more beautiful photos from your new camera!

    Fang Ting


I really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment, thank you! :)

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