How To Wear a Red Blazer

I am absolutely obsessed with red blazers right now! Colored blazers came onto the fashion scene last year and ever since then they've been spotted everywhere from celebs to street style.

What makes the red blazer so wearable is its versatility. This chic primary color can be worn with neutrals, brights, or prints while making a bold statement.

Throw one on over a tee shirt for an instant dose of chicness or dress up a pair of white jeans. Sport one with mixed prints or fun bright shorts for summer. Whatever you choose, this staple will go a long way in your wardrobe! Just check out all the different ways to wear a red blazer!

How would you incorporate one into your wardrobe?

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  1. I love red blazers! I have one from H&M, now I got new ideas for how to wear it!!!


  2. Love it <3 definitely a red blazer is such a must in a girls wardrobe this days, it adds a pop of color and an elegant feeling <3 and red can be mixed with any color


  3. I have one that I got from Forever 21. I've worn it with a basic white tee, with a colorful sand and red flowy top and now thanks to this, I will be wearing it with my white jeans! x

  4. I love a red blazer!! Every time I see someone wearing one, I'm instantly draw to it. Unfortunately, I've yet to actually find one that I like, to buy!


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