Men's Style: Casual Cardigan & Khakis

When we took these photos, it was about 50 degrees outside. Gorgeous, right? Well, ten minutes later a thunderstorm rolled in and it dipped to 30 degrees just like that. Good thing we made it to the bar for happy hour just in time before it hit!

My brother's quite the model, huh? He's a natural! He was already wearing this outfit when we took the pictures a few days ago- we just added the cardigan over top for a nice layering effect. I got him this cardigan from PacSun for Christmas and it's already sold out! No worries, I found a similar cardigan that I linked above. We love the selection for men's cardigan sweaters at PacSun recently. This collar style gives the sweater a unique look.

I also love this one because it has the same collar, but also includes some subtle southwestern printed details. Staples like these are a nice way to layer over pretty much anything. You can take a cardigan like this and pair it was laid back khakis like above or a worn out pair of jeans and a striped tee underneath. Go crazy and try a new color like an orange or red striped shirt under a cardigan like this for instant added style.
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  1. The broad shouldered, med-large build man looks great in baggy attire, but what about us delicate, tall, skinny ectomorphs? We need to POP too Missy! I’m looking forward to your further posts! Thanks!

  2. Wow. What a sudden change in weather. Glad you shot the pics in time. Love the guy's cardigan. Looks comfy.


  3. He IS a good model :)

  4. the guy's cardigan Looks so cool, great post.


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