Baseball Cap

    • Jeans & socks from AE
    • Kenneth Cole boots via Marshalls
    • Ralph Lauren button down shirt via Marshalls
    • Sweater from Kohl's
    • Hat (gift)
    • Belt from A&F

It was a blizzard yesterday! The weather was insane, I guess winter has finally arrived. I took this photo while driving to the baseball diamond to take outfit pictures. It was a complete whiteout! Originally planning on taking pictures on the field itself, we decided to run from the car to the dugout to take shelter. So here they are under the dugout and surprisingly we had some light!

I've always been a baseball cap enthusiast since I was a little girl. Have to admit I was a bit of a tomboy. Funny how things change. I got this particular hat a couple of years ago as a gift and since then I've started quite the Yankee hat collection. (for me) I now have 5 of them. The Yankees are definitely my favorite team. I grew up playing softball and played up to the college level. Couldn't get enough I guess! I miss it. 

I'm still a little cold I'll admit, I'm making hot cocoa right now to warm up! In a way I don't mind a little snow, it is gorgeous how it looks on the trees. But definitely not on my car. Good thing I don't work until 3 tomorrow! (tomorrow being when you read this!) So glad it's almost the weekend! I have a wedding to go to and plans with friends, I'm excited! What are you guys up to this weekend?
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  1. You look so sporty in the baseball cap. Such an all-American beauty.

    Hope you get better soon.


  2. I love the girl next door mixed with a bit of a grunge look! You're gorgeous!

  3. I love this outfit- very All- American (although I have a bit of an issue with the Yankees cap... just kidding!). Very cute!


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