Go Glam for Valentine's Day with New Finds from TJ Maxx

My new sponsors Marshalls and TJ Maxx have some wonderful items on sale to make you even more glamorous! Honestly, I had no idea some of these things were even there- and you all KNOW I'm an avid shopper of both! There are some amazing deals to be had on spring items lately and these are only the start. I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you just in time for Valentine's Day and (here's hoping soon!)- spring!

This gorgeous layered chain necklace is perfect for dressing up pretty much anyone outfit. Gold is definitely getting all the hype lately and with good reason- it's sheen makes any ensemble instantly chic and classy! I'd wear this with everything from a simple LBD to a neon sheer blouse and high-waisted trousers!

Clutch $16.99

Who doesn't need a sparkly clutch! I'm loving how the sequins are scattered around haphazardly and are all different shades of pink. This gorgeously chaotic design makes this clutch even more desirable. It's perfect for that little dress you'll be donning this Valentine's Day and will also work seamlessly for a night out when you don't want to carry a big bag.

Python-printed sandals $49.99

Python is the print to have this spring and these strappy sandals make it easy for you to wear the trend long into the summer. With it's chamelon-esque blending power- you can wear these babies with practically anything you have and they'll mesh perfectly!

Cream lace dress $79.99

Lace continues to be in this season and this cream lace dress is perfect for wedding season! Because of its neutral hue, I could see this dress going with everything from classic gold jewelry to bright colored tights! Try it with python-printed pumps or a bold shoe in cobalt blue for a new take.

Snakeskin pumps $129.99

How cool are these?! I'm in love with their zany, yet beautiful print! Sticking with the "snake" theme, these pumps are to die for! Easily worn with a bold orange or cobalt blue dress, these suckers are the statement of any outfit. I could also see these being worn as a statement shoe in the office!

Satin and tulle black dress $79.99

A beautifully elegant twist on the classic LBD. The style of this dress makes it easily wearable for any body type. The detailing on this dress is so simple that it really doesn't need anything other than a great pair of classic stud earrings or a stack of chic bangles. This is one of those dresses you buy once and wear the rest of your life!

Glitz n' glam clutches ranging from $17-$30

Pretty little clutches are everywhere this spring! Look at that detailing! The bows are adorable and great for rocking with a sparkly dress or pastel-colored dress for a night out. Pastel clutches are the perfect complement for any soft-colored ensemble you plan to sport during the upcoming warmer months!

One shoulder dress $59.99

Last, but certainly not least- this galaxy-inspired one shoulder dress! I am absolutely loving this beautiful, futuristic dress for spring. Such a statement need only be accessorized with a simple but large metallic necklace or simple earrings. It's cool color palette makes a nod to both the pastel and same color family trend. I can't wait to find this dress in stores next time I'm there!

Some facts you may not have known about TJ Maxx/Marshalls (I had no idea!):

  • They receieve over 10,000 new items in every store, each week!
  • They have the same current season merchandise that is in department stores for 60% less!
  • Their buyers travel around the world to score hot new deals from 14,000 vendors across 60 countries!

I honestly had no idea that these stores carried this much new inventory each week, but I suppose I could have guessed when I thought about it! Every time I go in one of them, there's a new sale and completely new items featured on each display. It really is a mecca for designer clothing at a fraction of the cost. I love it and am excited to show you all of the new pieces from their spring lines!

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  1. I love the gold necklace and the clutches! The python stilettos are pretty amazing too!

    I'm going to show my husband those TJ Maxx / Marshall's facts so he understands why I need to go there so often - the new inventory! Haha. I'm wearing a sweater today that I got from Marshall's. Two of my favorite stores!

  2. Does anyone know where is the lace strapless dress from?!

    1. It's from TJ Maxx, but they're sold out- look for it on Thehunt.com :)


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