White Blazer with Navy & Magenta

White blazer from New York & Company, Steve Madden clutch, Guess nude pumps, Ring from Forever 21, Charming Charlie watch, Jumpsuit c/o Marshalls, Sunnies gifted by Guess

I'm always on the lookout for new color combinations and I think this one is clean and classy! P.s.- this site provides wonderful color palette inspiration! I visit it all the time for new and fresh ideas!

To be honest, I wasn't really a huge fan of the 'jumpsuit' when it first came on the scene. After experimenting with a few, I can now say that I am a fan, but I'm thinking that I prefer a solid color best. I think a solid, classic color like navy streamlines the body and hides imperfections (in this case my hips!). Topping it off with a blazer seems to widen the shoulders, thus balancing out the bottom if you're like me.

White blazers are one of my favorite 'toppers' for spring. There are so many different ways to style a white blazer! Lauren Conrad recently posted a great article about different ways in which to style a white blazer for spring. One includes a jumpsuit! Gotta love only picking out one piece when going out! How simple!

I realize some of you are probably skeptical when it comes to this "onesie" look, but like I said before- so was I. Give it a shot. Simple is better here- try a solid dark color and thinner fabric. I got a size larger than usual because I'm bottom-heavy, if you're pear or apple-shaped do the same- trust me your but will thank you for it! 

This is just hilarious and I want to share. I laugh at these all the time but never as hard as when I read this:

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  1. Fun pant suit! Looks really chic, esp with the crisp white and hint of metallic.

    <3 Cambria

    1. Thanks Cambria, your thoughts are always so sweet :)

  2. The blazer and jumpsuit pairing is so chic! I am a huge fan of jumpsuits!

  3. ahh this is amazing! & your hair? how did you do that??

    & I looveee that someecard quote. too funny :) i effing hate crocs!

    1. It was incredibly easy :) All I did was twist a large piece of hair above my ear tightly and secure the end with a little band then pin under a section of hair on the other side behind me ear! Let me know how it goes if you try it!:)

  4. Gorgeous look! Loving the color combo, perfect for the warmer weather! Would love to have you link up this chic look for Work It Wednesday!

  5. love the colour of the jumpsuit and the clutch! xx



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