Fashion Rules You Should Break

1. Don't Wear White After Labor Day (or before Memorial Day)

White is in trend this season, as much as you can possibly handle! This rule is so outdated I don't know where to start! I, for one, this white is crisp and fresh for any season. Layering updates the look for the coolers seasons while a simple white tank and white cropped jeans are all you need to look chic and on trend in the summertime! White jeans are one of my favorite go-tos for bottoms in any season!
Check out two ways I have worn them in the fall/winter here and here!

2. Always Match Your Shoes to Your Accessories

Who are we, old women? No. This rule can also be thrown out the window. Although I do see the appeal in popping a bright color in your belt and matching them with some bright pumps/sandals, this does not always have to come into play in your outfits. Especially with the print mixing trend, this rule is so out. Beautiful prints are always trendy; this season aztec and the classic nautical stripe seems to be popping up everywhere on bags and other pieces. Mix it up by pairing a printed shoe with a colored belt or piece of jewelry or a printed clutch with a leopard belt! Just make sure when you do so, there is one color uniting the pieces to create a fluency in your outfit. Half the fun of fashion is playing with color and experimenting with prints that reflect your personal style, so walk on the wild side and experiment!

3. Never Wear Black and Brown/Black and Navy

Oh man, I tell ya once I broke this rule the first time, there was no going back! I know it seems like one of the most concrete laws of fashion, but honestly wearing these colors together can set you free! Think of how many pieces you could mix and match in your closet! One of the easiest tricks I've found is to create unity in your outfit by wearing the secondary accent color (in this case brown) in two accessories. In this case, I chose my belt and my shoes (yes, this contradicts the above rule! haha hey- nothing's concrete!) to create continuity in my look. Easy, right?

4. Stick to One Print

Haha, if you've been following for awhile this rule is hilarious for me. I'd have to say that I'm a mixed print JUNKIE. Once you try this you'll be addicted! Take all of those beautiful prints and mix, mix, mix! Like I said before though, make sure one color (or color tone in a different shade) is consistent throughout the prints being mixed. This brings your look together. If you're nervous, start with a simple black and white. Make sure that your prints are the same size in both pieces.

5. Don't Wear Sparkly Items Before Sundown

Shine on! Sparkly items are way too beautiful to be put on hold unttil nighttime! Bust out that sparkly tank or tunic and dress it down with a leather jacket or boyfriend jeans and flats. The key to making this look non-fussy is to layer, layer, layer! Casual add-ons like a vest, jacket, bag, and laid back jeans make sparkly items appropriate for day. Or try layering a sparkly skirt with a concert tee and Chuck Taylors for a casual cool look.

6. Never Wear Denim on Denim

Once thought of as the illusive "Canadian Tuxedo" this look is becoming more and more popular in fashion today. Chambray shirts hit the scene last year and continue to be one of the most worn and easy to wear items for any woman (and man for that matter!). Don the look with your favorite jeans. I prefer wearing mine with slightly different hues on top and bottom, but really anything goes with this look. To put it together, add earthy accessories and/or one piece of statement jewelry to avoid looking overdone.

8. Don't Wear Leather in the Summer

Leather is great ANYTIME. One of my personal favorite pieces is the leather skirt. I invested in one three years ago and it is still in excellent condition. Leather jackets are another timeless item that goes with literally anything in your closet. Dress these items up or down and wear them all year long. In the winter, wear with tights, and a sweater; fall with a cardigan and boots; spring with a bright accessories and summer with a statement necklace and cute wedges!
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  1. I love how these rules have changed over the years. These look amazing!

  2. SPot on exactly right with every point...and your examples show exactly why :)

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  3. Love these looks, esp the polka dots!!!

  4. Definitely agree with breaking all of these 'rules'! Love your looks!


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