Update Your Summer Look With Simple Pops of Color

Glowing Face and Bright Matte Lips

makeup - pink n white

Electric blue liner from the latest Nasty Gal shoot.

bright colors!

pink x green



Whether it's shockingly beautiful fuchsia lipstick or gorgeous fiery orange matte eyeshadow, punchy colors amidst a canvas of natural beauty is all the rage for makeup this summer.

Celebs from Rachel McAdams to Frieda Pinto are donning the trend with neutral and colorblocked outfits this season. Hop on the train! This is a fun way to experiment with color- summer's the best time to do it! The hues work well with naturally tanned skin and play well with this season's trendy colors like tangerine and lime.

Skip the eyeliner if you're going with a super-bright matte eyeshadow look, however, and make sure that you keep lips and cheeks neutral to avoid looking like you just stepped out of the 80s. Same rules apply when you're brightening up your look with lipstick. While you can add liquid liner (especially for a night out)- keep the palette neutral on the eyes and stick to a simple bronzer on the apples of your cheeks.

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    1. Yeah I'm also loving fuschia lipstick :)

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  3. This is awesome make up inspiration!


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