How To: Easy Summer Makeup To Try

With extravagant cat eyeliner, lip palm with a subtle hint of color, and bright nails- this girls kills it. Summer makeup is all about highlighting one feature of your face, so which do you prefer?

Girl next door Emmy Rossum looks stunning in sheer pink gloss and light peachy-orange shadow. Skip the eyeliner for summer if you're going with a bright shade on your lids- it overpowers your looks. I love how her citrusy look just pops on her perfect complexion!

Shimmery white eyeshadow can go a long way- as long as you downplay it! With strikingly bold black liner, she looks gorgeous with a simple pink lip. 

A lesson can be learned from Chanel's summer campaign. Neutrals are a girl's best friend. Line your eyes with a pearl liner and shade underneath with a soft brown kohl pencil to achieve this effect. Finish with lengthening mascara and you're all set!

The bedroom eye look will never go out of style. For a summery update, try lilac kohl pencil by lining your inner eye with it then finishing with two coats of volumizing mascara (I like CoverGirl LashBlast Volume) on your upper and lower lashes!

Oh, Lauren. A natural beauty- and you should take note on how she does her makeup. The beautiful bold liquid black liner on her top lids and finishing halfway with her liner on the bottom is breathtaking. All you need to top off this look is a shimmery gold/brown eyeshadow palate. Try Physician's Formula- it lasts forever and costs about $10.

By lining only under her top lashes with liquid liner- this Olsen sister is a stunner. She takes natural beauty to a whole new level! Finish with peach shadow on your lids and a matching hue on your cheeks for a fresh summer glow.

If you're daring- try experimenting with color! This season is the perfect time to play around with fresh, new hues that you wouldn't during any other season. Aquamarine from CoverGirl is a shade I've loved over the years and Maybelline's purple palette is perfect for bringing out the green in hazel eyes.

For a new and extremely daring look match your makeup to your colorful nails! I love this look because even thought the colorful shadow is over the top, the rest of her makeup is kept muted. 

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  1. I'm a total makeup girl and I love all these looks. Bedroom eyes will never go out of style -- FOR SURE.
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