How To Style a Ponytail

8 Ways to Style a Ponytail

Ponytails are a girl's go-to hairstyle on a busy day. Here are 8 new ways of varying the ponytail look to make it appropriate for anytime!

Messy & high- This works best with long hair that has been left unwashed for one day.

Sidepart, low & sleek- Start by teasing the crown and making a side part in your bangs. Spray them to side side and make a pony under your ear. Finish by wrapping a section of your hair around the elastic.

Midway- Tease slightly on the crown and make a pony in the center of the back of your head. Leave some wispy bangs on the side.

Bumped with wispy bangs- Create the midway ponytail and tease more dramatically at the crown. Curl the remaining hair in your pony and finish with lighthold spray!

Romantic waves- Use day-old unwashed hair and braid into a few braids. Leave for 1-2 hours. Undo and spray with lighthold hairspray. Create a low ponytail. Pull some pieces out.

Teased & wavy- Tease and pin a bump on the front of your head. Pull a pony at the top of your head. Curl & spray!

Fun holder- Create a low pony and finish with this season's metallic fun ponytail holders for a polished look!

Low & sleek- Create a pony at the base of your neck after making a side part. Use shine spray for thin hair or Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops for thick hair. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic for a chic finish.
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  1. Gosh I love pony tails!!!!! These are all so cute! I want to do a ponytail if and when I get married :)


  2. Great pony tails I love doing Teased & wavy for my hair :)


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