Spring Pastels

  • V-neck sweater from Plato's Closet $12 (Lacoste) *Pop of value!
  • Shorts from Plato's Closet $10 (American Eagle)
  • Wedge sandals from Macy's $45 (Steve Madden)
  • Watch from Charming Charlie $20
  • Bracelet from Aeropostale $1
  • Necklace from American Eagle $15
Pastels are back in full force for spring and everyone from Mila Kunis to Taylor Swift has been spotted sporting the trend lately. These pretty light colors can be tricky to pull off, but the trick is to wear them sparingly (not too many pastels at one time) and with neutrals to tone them down. White, khaki, brown, and black bode well with pastels, making them gorgeous not Gatsby. Fashion mags like Elle and Vogue suggest donning these shades with edgy extras like embellished black heels or a leather jacket to keep the look fresh and fun. Another way to experiment with pastels is to incorporate them into your make up routine. Eyeliner pencils and eye shadows are an inexpensive way to see if the pastel trend is something you'd like to try.

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Information from msnbc.com
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