Shirtdress & Cobalt Blue Vest

  • Tall boots from Macy's $120 (Jessica Simpson)
  • Shirtdress was thrifted $4.50 (Calvin Klein)
  • Cobalt blue vest was thrifted $1.50 *Pop of value!
  • Waist belt from Body Central $10
  • Earrings from Icing $2
Cobalt blue was one of the most prevalent colors on this spring's runway, being showcased by designers such as Zac Posen, Prada, and YSL. This brilliant blue goes well with everything, matching particularly well with summer's popular stone-turquoise. White (cobalt blue's main match on the runways) makes this color really pop, while neutrals do the trick to accent the brightness of the shade. Long vest remain trendy for this season, however you may want to opt for lighter versions that drape well over sundresses and summer's longer cutoff shorts that are becoming more popular now. Longer vests also wear well over skinny jeans- white cropped versions of these jeans look great under the cobalt blue.

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