Denim & Leather

  • Leather skirt from Marshalls $20
  • Denim button down from Plato's Closet $5 (American Eagle)*Pop of value!
  • Necklace from Express $15
  • Python print pumps from Clothes Mentor $10 (Charles David)
Denim shirts are the craze right now popping up from runways to celebrity street style. This casual piece goes with so much, making a piece worth the investment. Not that you have to invest much- you can get these shirts from as little as $1 (Miley Cyrus @ Walmart) or $5 (Any second hand store selling top-quality brands). Either light or dark washes are in-although lighter are more versatile and easier to find. Pairing the top with a leather skirt is a great outfit idea for work. The look is simple, yet laid back and transitions well from work to happy hour. Have fun with your shoes here- any print with some sort of black (or whatever color the skirt is) will work wonderfully.

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  1. Love this outfit.
    shirt is gorgeous.



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