Fun Color Combos for Spring- Pink & Caribbean Green

  • Giraffe peep toe wedges from Charlotte Russe $15
  • Skirt from Four Nine Thrift Store $3 *Pop of value!
  • Pink top from Salvation Army $2
  • Necklace from Icing $2
This week, I've decided to feature some fun and unique color combinations for spring based off the runway fashions covered by Refinery29. The first color combo is fresh and bright, and perfect for the upcoming warmer temperatures. This combination just screams summer and vacation! The colors play well off each other, making the other more brilliant. It's simple to accessorize, because the colors already make the outfit, so you don't need much else. Fun wedges in a print work well with this combo if they are kept neutral. Jewelry should be basic and minimal so as not to upstage the bright colors and make the outfit look too busy or reminiscent of the 80s. Basic separates like these are easy to find for cheap, and can also wear well with neutrals like white and beige.

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