Toughen up Florals with Denim

  • Suede boots from Charlotte Russe $40
  • Floral skirt from Body Central $7
  • Waist belt from Body Central $10
  • Denim vest was thrifted for $3*Pop of value!
  • Scarf from Plato's Closet $4
  • Neon green silk tank was thrifted for $1
  • Earrings from Gabriel Brothers $4

A great way to "toughen up" this seasons floral prints is to add an unexpected fabric or accessory that contrasts with it, such as a casual denim vest. The thickness of this piece balances out the delicate florals. Knee high boots work well here with the denim vest, playing off it's western vibe. While sometimes bulky, a waist belt cinches your middle helping you to maintain a shape while wearing the vest. Pops of color are fun to add to a combo this simple- really anything goes as long as there are no more than 3 brights that play off the print in the skirt. As I've said before, denim vests are really easy to find and surprisingly affordable. They are popular this season, and extremely versatile- adding depth to virtually any casual spring outfit.

Pop of health/fitness: Instead of using mayo on your sandwich, try mixing nonfat greek yogurt with dijion mustard- you'll still get the tangy and creamy taste; while dramatically cutting calories and fat.
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  1. NOOOO way that skirt was $7 .... its beautiful!
    vest works fantastic with the rest of outfit! :)


  2. Thanks girl! Yeah this store we have has a $7 and $10 clearance rack with super cute dresses/shorts/skirts I love it! Love your blog by the way!


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