Brightening Up Black

  • Black dress from Macy's $45
  • Cardigan from Plato's Closet $5 (Old Navy)*Pop of value!
  • Necklace from Icing $2
  • Tights from CVS $6
  • Peep toes ankle boots from Charlotte Russe $25
When you're going formal for an occasion in the spring or summer black can be (and sometimes has to be!) appropriate, yet it doesn't have to be bland and boring. One of the best pieces of advice for your wardrobe in general is to have an array of colored (mostly bright!) cardigans. These sweaters can be layered over virtually anything and does a great job of pulling colors from different pieces in your outfit and making them pop. This is an easy way to create a stylish outfit no matter what the occasion. In this case, if you're wearing black or donning the monochrome look in another color such as navy or grey, a bright cardigan works wonders in adding some spruce to your ensemble. For summer, colors from the warm palette add more liveliness to your look. Subtle pops of color in jewelry against monochromed looks are a great way to add dimension to the overall appearance. Make sure to keep shoes in tow with the monochromed look as well, as it elongates the leg.

Photos by R Frank Photography www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography

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Information from Self Magazine
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