Mixing Unexpected Brights

  • Cardigan was thrifted for $2 (NY&Co)
  • Tank was thrifted for $1.50 (Roxy)*Pop of value!
  • Pink jeans from Delia's $10
  •  Wedge sandals from DSW $45
With spring slowly turning into summer, it's time to start thinking about new ways to mix your transitional pieces with some of your favorite summer staples. You will have a lot more options once you start experimenting with mixing unexpected colors in your wardrobe. Mixing unexpected bright colors is actually quite easy. An easy way to start would be to find a fun tank that you would normally pair with basic jeans, preferably one with a few different colors in it, and work from there. Next, start pulling unexpected colors from the print- in this case I opted for mustard yellow and pink instead of the basic navy. Red or purple are been other choices that would've worked as well. What you're trying to stay away from is predictable colors like beige, navy, brown, white, black, and any other basic neutrals that we see all the time. After you've chosen a couple colors to pull from the print (usually just two) where one on the top like this cardigan, and one for your bottoms such as these bright jeans. By pulling out unusual colors you're creating an original look that flows together perfectly yet stands out in a stylish and unique way. In order to keep these bright colors from looking tacky, avoid piling on the accessories and keep your shoes neutral.

Photos by R Frank Photography www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography

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Information from First Magazine

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