Sunny Romper

  • Cardigan was thrifted for $2 (NY&Co)*Pop of value!
  • Romper from Walmart $12
  • Necklace from Gabriel Brothers $7 (FCUK-French Connection)
  • Belt was thrifted for $2
  • Wedge sandals from DSW $45
Love 'em or hate 'em, rompers and one piece jumpsuits are a popular trend nowadays and have been seen on celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Nicole Richie, Audrina Patridge, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lopez. This is probably (other than a sundress) the absolute easiest way to throw together a stylish outfit in no time at all. This one piece is cute and laidback, not to mention it's ability to be accessorized in countless ways. Cute with flats, wedges, pumps, or t-strap sandals- this versatile piece can be easily dressed up or down. Adding a brightly colored cardigan or other piece on top for cooler nights is a simple way to add uniqueness and personality to your romper or one piece jumpsuit. To keep cool during the summer, make sure you choose a romper or dress in pima or supima cottom-they're the most breathable and softest blends of fabric. If you're afraid of sweating, choose rayon blends; as they will keep their shape even if they get a little wet. 100% silk and chiffon are two other breathable choices that will keep you cool as well. Be sure to avoid polyester blends-they are guaranteed to make you even warmer.

Photos by R Frank Photography www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography

Pop of health/fitness: A great low-calorie snack idea to keep your metabolism revving overnight is to eat 1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese mixed with one packet of splenda and some cinnamon. Mix in some frozen mixed berries and a few chopped up plain almonds and you have the perfect mix of protein and healthy fats to keep your body burning calories throughout the night. This snack is delicious and I swear by it! This treat is very filling and tastes great!
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