Patriotic Print Mixing

  • White jeans from Aeropostale $13*Pop of value!
  • Sandals were thrifted for $3
  • Tank from Plato's Closet $6 (American Eagle)
  • Sleeveless top from Old Navy $5
  • Necklace from Sassy Peacock $14
With summer now in full swing, we are starting to look forward to our next big seasonal holiday- the Fourth of July! I thought what would be more appropriate than not only mixing these patriotic colors, but mixing print as well? As I've mentioned in previous posts, mixing prints really isn't as hard as it looks-you just have to follow a few simple rules. When mixing prints, the prints should be relatively similar in size. This makes the overall effect more pleasing to the eye. These subtle prints I'm wearing-a simple and small stripe and small checkers- work harmoniously together as they are both similar in size and neither one is overbearing. Pulling a pop of color out of the top and incorporating it into your shoes is another way to add a stylish touch. I wanted to follow the theme by sporting rope tied sandals to match the nautical feel of the navy and white striped tank. Simple accessory add-ons like these unify a look and make simple separates pop when you put them together.

*Side note- a BIG shout out to two wonderful guys- Rob Frank [www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography] for taking the photos for Pop! of Style and Steve Puskar [www.stevepushdesigns.com] for designing the beautiful new header! They are both wonderful to work with and I truly appreciate all of their efforts! I HIGHLY recommend working with these two if you get the chance!

Pop of health/fitness: As temperatures are approaching the 90s, it is so important to remember to wear sunscreen. To prevent aging caused by UV rays, sunscreen should be used every day of the year-even if it is a cloudy day or you're not even planning on being outside. An easy way to incorporate this into your daily routine is to buy a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher, and put it on every morning before you leave the house.
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