Versace for H&M!

Donatella Versace puts the finishing touches to the H&M range

So it was announced yesterday that Donatella Versace will be doing a collection for H&M to debut in stores on November 17th! The collection will include approximately 40 pieces for women, 20 for men, and various home decor items. The collection will also include accessories such as high heels and jewelry for both men and women. True to form, Donatella seems excited about the upcoming collaboration stating that this collection will be the "quintessential Versace". This is excited news to those of us on "the other side" (read: living on a budget!) because this means we'll be able to get her fierce and forthright fashion for a price that's attainable! Versace explained to the Huffington Post that men can expect tailored pieces including "the perfect tuxedo" and the women's line will include studded leather, silk, and colorful printed pieces. In addition to all the fall hoopla, Versace also announced that there will be a pre-spring collection hitting H&M stores on January 19th of next year! This is definitely something to look forward to and I absolutely cannot wait to see what she has in store! (pun intended) I also wanted to include a video with Donatella announcing the exciting news! Enjoy!

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