Vintage Romper

  • Romper from Body Central
  • Vintage thrifted belt
  • Floral wedge sandals from Gabriel Brothers
  • Earrings from Charlotte Russe
This was another one of my affordable finds the other day when I hit the sales! This romper was adorable and comfy, and at $7  I knew it was a keeper. I love the vintage ruffle detailing on the top and the shell buttons on the shorts. The best way to accessorize a vintage-looking romper would be to add vintage-looking shoes, jewelry, and belts. This rope belt reminded me of the 70s and 80s while the floral wedges were reminiscent of the 60s. I feel like I live in rompers in hot weather but hey, they're cool and comfortable!

Pop of health/fitness: As I've recently found out, adding a fiber supplement to your diet can immensely help your digestive tract. I have started to do so every morning and it has helped me feel a whole lot better. I opt for the sugar-free orange flavor and add it to a Powerade Zero (usually orange or fruit punch) each morning with breakfast.
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  1. you look lovely!!! the shoes are gorgeous too!


  2. You dress is so cute... Love it xxx

    Kavita @ www.truehaven.co.uk

  3. so many memories in the mustang .. love the outfit


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