Chuck Taylors & Neon

Every so often I like to dress down (Okay let's get real- it happens a lot!) and when I do I love wearing my Chuck Taylor low tops. I bought these a few years back, and I've found tons of uses for them. Wearing them with everything from colored jeans to sundresses, they've definitely been worth the investment.

For this outfit, I decided to pair a breathable neon hoodie with some casual yet preppy stripes. In order to keep it's laid back vibe, I wore the neon hooded sweatshirt and tank with denim cutoffs. This yellow and black (or navy) color pairing is sophisticated yet playful, and will work in professional looks as well.

Pop of health/fitness: Ahhhh! I can hardly contain myself, I'm leaving for Vegas in 3 days! I cannot wait to share with all of you what I did on my trips and some awesome photos as well. I will be posting looks each day, but will share with you photos from the trip once I come back!

Oh, health. That's right. So I haven't been working out as long as I've been wanting to, but I have been getting out to walk everyday. This has been helping, and so has the cutting out of the dairy/sweets/fried food. I have lowered my caffeine intake to one Diet Coke a day (sometimes none I'm pretty proud of myself!) and have been drinking more water each day.

I looked up the hotel we'll be staying at in Las Vegas and they have a gorgeous gym, so I will definitely be utilizing that.
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  1. Love the bright sweater and the chuck taylors, great look!
    xo Cara

  2. Loveee your yellow cardi!




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