Blogger of the Week: I Can Be Many Things

This week's "Blogger of the Week" is Courtney from I Can Be Many Things! A style blogger since June, this girl does it all! She's a musician, teacher, mother, and artist! Oh, and her style is so inspiring! We spoke of her love for colored pants, leather, and how wearing what makes YOU feel happy and comfortable is the most important element of style!

1. How has your style evolved since you've started blogging?

I have been motivated to: remix my closet, save money, get dressed on the mornings I've felt like staying in pajamas, wear the whites I love without fear of my daughter's chocolate covered fingers, (and most of all) be brave and wear what makes me happiest.

2. What is your favorite trend for fall?

I have two: colored pants and leather. Especially worn together :)
I love feminine leather moto jackets, that flatter curves and add an edge to any outfit. I love leather skirts for the same reason. I love colored pants because it goes to show you don't need to sacrifice your summer brights for muted tones once fall hits.

3. What is one styling tip you'd like to share?

Wear what makes you happy. There's nothing more beautiful than a confident walk and a genuine smile.
If you want a specific tip, I would say find your strengths and work them. Buy clothes that flatter you--don't just buy something because it's cool or trendy. I've made this mistake too many times!

4. How would you describe your style?

Ever-changing. I wear what I like. I wear what makes me happy. I love exploring trends and styles. I believe there are no limits and no rules when it comes to personal style. I look at fashion as any other art form and love experimenting. It's not something that I take seriously. Everyone has to get dressed in the morning, so why not make the most fun out of it?

5. What made you want to start your blog?

Once I discovered style blogs, I knew I was hooked. I found myself inspired and wanting to experiment with clothes. Then I found myself shopping...a lot. To an extent that was unhealthy and damaging so I had to do something: I started a blog.

First, it keeps my mind occupied and off online shopping websites.
Second, it motivates me to critique my style (unflattering outfits are far easier to spot in pictures).
Third, it was an outlet for my music. I am a voice teacher and songwriter with a passion for music and a desire to share my voice.

Last (and most important), since I struggle with a negative outlook and a nasty habit of stressing over the smallest stuff, I created the blog to be my little corner where the sun shines: to spend a moment every day to think positively. Because we all have so much to smile about.

And after all that, I said, woaaahhh--that's a lot of things. Who is going to read a blog that resembles a potluck? But I said, whatever, it's okay. Because just like my fashion philosophy, we shouldn't put a limit on what we can be--and I can be many things.
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  1. Yay! I love Courtney's outlook and her blog is a highlight of my day- she always has a great positive message and great style photos.

  2. Thank you so much for this post, Missy! You're the best.

  3. I love Courtney - definitely a girl that can be SO MANY THINGS!

    **Hi Courtney!! I know you'll be reading this. Congrats on being featured :)**

    She's honestly such an inspiration. So down to earth and has a big ol' heart!


  4. Great interview.

  5. lovely interview! really liked it! Her style is gorgeous too!


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