How to Wear Colored Tights

Bright pants continue to be in for the fall season! I'm pretty excited myself since was a summer trend that I really took to. Bright pants in the form of jeans and trousers are wonderful, but there's another alternative- the bright tight- that I cannot wait to fully embrace this fall.

One of my favorite pairings that make these colorful tights really stand out is by pairing them with black and white. With this trend, remember to keep your jewelry to a metallic or neutral hue; limit your outfit to one pop of color- that being the tights.

Designers such as Fendi and Kate Spade have embraced the trend as we saw tights up and down the fall runways. Some notable color combinations included yellow tights worn with gray, orange tights worn with black, peach tights worn with cobalt blue, burgundy tights worn with sky blue, and red tights worn with cream.

Or try a monochrome look- Pink-on-pink looks adorable with a fun print in the tights as does a red-on-red look. If you're feeling brave, try wearing pink tights with teal and black or orange tights with green and navy.

Pop of health/fitness: Going on another long walk today combined with some indoor cardio. Laying off the dairy completely now. Yikes. It'll be interesting to see what I can actually eat that won't completely wreck my system. I'm thinking eggs, whole wheat toast, a maybe some whole wheat pasta with shrimp and a spinach salad for later.

I'm definitely finding out that protein is increasing my energy. I find that working out earlier in the day sets me up to have a whole lot more energy throughout my day rather than if I were to work out after dinner. I can never sleep when I work out at night. I'm going to have to make a concentrated effort to make time in my day before noon (preferably) to do so.
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