Southwestern-Printed Fringe Top & Cut Offs

I bought this top in Las Vegas while I was out the first day shopping. I was so excited to find a neon southwestern-printed fringe top there, but I soon realized these are three trends that really (no shocker there) took off in the southwest. I have been looking all over the Erie area for a top like this, to no avail.

Unfortunately, this top's days are numbered. The weather around here is starting to cool down, which means crop tops may have to be used as layering pieces or stowed away for next summer (hopefully!).

On the other hand, I'm not so excited to have to store this little number yet- so I'm trying to figure out new ways to wear it into the cooler months. I'm thinking layering it over a basic neutral dress or over a midi skirt. Another option I've been toying with has been layering it over a black cami and dark skinny jeans. Only time will tell.

I'm getting more used to pairing my shorts and dresses with fall's slouchy boots. I like that I can maintain a comfortable body temp by striking a balance between summer and fall pieces.

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  1. Love the outfit and perfect background for the look :)

    Heel in Mint


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