Blogger of the Week: Brooklyn.Life.Style

    • Sunnies from Dior
    • Earrings from Aldo
    • Scarf from Old Navy
    • Watch from Michael Kors

    • Bag from Coach
    • Cargo pants from Uniqlo
    • Top from Forever 21
    • Blazer from H&M

    • Earrings from Banana Republic
    • Michael Kors watch
    • Necklace from Forever 21

I'm excited to share this week's "blogger of the week" with you: Olivia from Brooklyn.Life.Style! Olivia is so creative and supportive to others in the blogging community that I just had to share her unique and inspiring style with you all! I love how she mixes tough pieces with those that are feminine and has a wonderfully stylish take on menswear pieces for fall. I had a chance to chat with her about how she mixes menswear items into her wardrobe, her favorite trends for fall, and her favorite styling tips!

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

My first post was on July 29, so I have been blogging for about 6 weeks now. I started Brooklyn.Life.Style. to fulfill a life-long interest in writing, style, photography, and other creative means of expression. I've followed many personal style blogs and have been inspired by the talent out there. I think it takes a bit of courage to start blogging, but the community has been so welcoming.

What or who inspires your style?

My style inspiration comes from many sources (movies, celebs, NYC street wear, etc). I love menswear, polished comfort (I made this term up, but basically looking chic but also being able to walk 10 NYC blocks with out blisters or tears) and touches of urban/hip-hop flare. I build my style around affordable quality and making my clothes work for me. I love designers who really embrace a womanly body and design the clothes to fit the woman, not the other way around. A shortlist of modern celebrity style inspirations include Rachel Roy (master of polished comfort), Diane Von Furstenberg (master of complimenting the female form), and Cate Blanchett (elegant in the extreme). When it comes to style blogs I’m most inspired by the personal styles of Krystal from This Time Tomorrow, and Kendi of Kendi Everyday- I would basically wear everything they post.

What is your favorite trend for fall?

You probably already guessed I’m loving the menswear trend for fall- my favorite items are the heeled and flat loafers that are on trend this fall. Also I’m personally expanding my color palette- I have way too many neutrals in my closet, so I’m happy bright tones are working this fall.

What is your favorite outfit that you've featured on your blog and why?

This is such a toughie- I feel that blogging has pushed me to get more in touch with my style and evolve a bit. I really loved the tribal printed shorts I wore with a denim shirt and chunky heels. (The last photo shown above) I've always been kind of afraid of print, but I loved these shorts and styled them in a way that still felt like me.

What is one style tip you would like to share?

Fit is everything. This is something I’m still trying to master- but knowing what works for your body and how an item is supposed to fit really makes a huge difference. The most beautiful dress, if is doesn’t fit right, is a disaster (I feel like I'm paraphrasing this statement from a film but I don't remember the source) . Also stay true to yourself, nothing is more stylish than self-assurance.

Make sure to check out Brooklyn.Life.Style for more outfit ideas and styling tips from Olivia!
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  1. So glad you featured Olivia! She is definitely one of my favorite bloggers and has a wonderful sense of style! I always enjoy reading her posts and her comments always make me smile :D

  2. Alright, I am back! Thank you for stopping by and I am now following you on google friend connect as well as twitter! Enjoy your evening :)

  3. Yay love Olivia! This blogger of the week feature is great :)

  4. great interview.. shes great :)
    thanks for visiting and following my blog, im following you back :)



  5. awesome looks!!! Thx for the comment, sure we can follow!!!

    xo Emma


  6. The followers button doesn't work...clicked the follow up in the corner so you know! :)

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