12 Days of Holiday Outfits: Ugly Christmas Sweater

    • Velvet leggings from Charming Charlie (on sale now!)
    • Booties from Marshalls
    • Striped top from Nautica
    • Thrifted hat
    • Lipstick: Revlon matte "Really Red"

For those of you who are "ugly Christmas sweater" party enthusiats, you'll appreciate the holiday outfit today! I believe we are making our family Christmas party one of these this year, and I have been toying around with an idea to make the look decently cute for a few days now!

I decided to go with these velvet leggings (one of my Christmas presents...shhh!) and pair them with a "candy cane-esque" top. Obviously the ugly sweater must be layered on top for the outfit to be complete (this one is a real winner) and voila! Truly heinous, yet remarkably comfortable.

P.S.- I suggest you invest in some of these leggings, I didn't get cold at all while I shot these photos and they are incredibly soft! These are from Charming Charlie for $15!
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  1. Love the red and white stripes under the Christmas sweater...gives a nice candy cane touch...so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. You make this sweater look cute- I love what you paired it with! That candy-cane striped top is perfect! -J


  3. You are so adorable... love this entire outfit, that sweater is so great! :)



  4. Haha I know what you mean about "ugly" Christmas sweaters but you really make it look fabulous! Happy Holidays! :)

    The Style Moodboard

  5. lovely outfit. really cute :)


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