Kreativ Blogger Award!

Thank you so much to Janell of Fashionable You! This is my first ever blogger award from the community and I am so excited! I love how supportive the fashion blogging community is and it's so much fun to see all of the hard work and inspiration all of these women put into their blogs every day.

1. Complete the form below.
2. Share seven random things about yourself.
3. Award ten blogs and drop them a line about it.
4. Link back to the person who gave you the award.

Name your favorite song: Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band
Name your favorite dessert: Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes
What pisses you off: when people say "o" or "k" in a text message
When you're upset you: Work out
Your favorite pet: My pitbull Henna
Black or white: black
Your biggest fear: Dying alone
Best feature: I take pride in my teeth haha (I work hard at keeping them nice!)
Everyday attitude: easy going
What is perfection: Having everything done and relaxing
Guilty pleasure: clothes/boots (as you could have guessed!)

Seven Random Things About Me:

1. I hate peanut butter.
2. I want to own a pitbull farm and save them all from being hurt.
3. I love leopard anything.
4. I recently changed my entire diet to only include natural whole foods and I love it!
5. I played the piano for 7 years.
6. Although I will have 3 very different degrees from 3 diferent schools, I will always be a Penn Stater.
7. I am just now in my life starting to get into cooking.

Now time to pass on the award! Here are 10 blogs that are all fabulous in their own unique way! Please take the time to check out each one of them!

1. Yola of Yola Thorp
2. Rachel of Sugar Filled Closet
4. Meggy from Chasing Davies
6. HeyDahye of HeyDayhe
7. Sarah of Think Twice Style

Keep up the great work ladies, love reading your blogs! :)

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  1. Thank you so much. If you still need it - yolathorp@yahoo.com

  2. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥



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