Brick Red Accents

    • Blazer from Target
    • Tights from PacSun (on sale now!)
    • Booties from makemechic.com
    • Belt from AE
    • Hat from Charlotte Russe (on sale now!)

Always on the hunt for new color combinations, today was no exception! I recently found these tights and the hat on the same day while shopping last weekend. I can't believe I found this hat for only $5! It's on sale now at Charlotte Russe along with a few other cute fedoras. I love the color and how the fabric makes it perfect for winter.

These tights were also a great deal at only $3 a pair at PacSun. They have a ton of cute colored tights and knee socks to choose from during their amazing sale right now. (sorry if I sound like a broken record!) Anyway, for those of you who recently purchased this super comfortable mustard dress, here is another styling idea! I love colorblocking with this dress because it's simple and pairing it with other statement colors is enough to make it stand out. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Love the combination of the outfir. Especially the mix of the colors. I have something this season with mustard yellow, totally adore it!
    Looking forward to you next combinations Missy!


  2. I love that color combination! you are very pretty. kiss from Spain

  3. hey lovely :) i found your blog and i'm impressed of your sense of style!
    what a beautiful combo you are wearinng :)
    would you like to follow each other, this would be a great honour?
    kisses, melina-lajolie from germany

  4. Total steal on that hat. Adorable.
    I like the Khaki & Yellow combo.

    The Fashionable ESQ


  5. Oh man, wherever you live, it's so sunny and beautiful! Hehehe keep up the outfits! Lovin' it. xoxo



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