It has yet to fail- I am completely in awe of my new camera. It's astonishing to me how much of a difference this makes. Anyway, I wanted to share with you a couple of new pieces that I recently purchased/received!

I've worn this watch before, but until now you couldn't really see the gorgeous leopard detailing on its face. This watch was a gift from my boyfriend at Christmas (he did gooood, didn't he?!) and I couldn't love it more.

These boots were a recent purchase while making returns at Marshalls. I have been enamored with these hiking style boots ever since Macy's let me pull them to style for the Girls World Expo in November. I paired that version (with red laces) with a plaid poncho and wool herringbone shorts. I haven't been able to find a version I liked in my size ever since!

Enter: Marshalls. Not only do they have this gorgeous brown leather version available now for $30, they also have black leather and beige suede for the same price! I can always count on Marshalls for amazing deals. Thank God I only had that much to spend there at the time or I'm afraid I would have bought out the entire boot department that day.

This leather jacket has been a favorite of mine ever since I won it from Express in 2009. One of the selling points for me was the beautiful detachable fur collar. I don this piece all year long with how versatile it is. On warmer winter nights (ironic, huh?) I wear this during a night out and it keeps me just the right amount of warm minus the bulk.

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  1. This style is so edgy, your leather jacket and the leopard leggings are so cool and you look really pretty. Congrats on your new camera, it's so fun trying new ones and you're right, it can make a huge difference.


  2. LOVE LOVE the whole look!! Beautiful watch! XO

  3. Love Marshall's. Hot fashion, low prices.

    This is a fun, funky leather-and-leopard combo.


  4. LOVE the watch. He really did do a great job!

  5. Sorry to take some time but I'm contemplating buying the same boots however I would like to know exactly what shade of brown they will look like? In your picture they appear quite reddish...

  6. They are brown leather with a red tint. Definitely play well with any brown though. I would highly recommend them.


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