Dress Like Kate Middleton

Ralph Lauren dress c/o TJ Maxx, American Eagle sunglasses, Guess pumps, Michael Kors handbag c/o Marshalls

Just like everyone else, I am facinated about how the new royal women dress. I love their feminine and chic but modest looks. As as soon as I saw this dress it reminded me of Kate Middleton. The classic fit in a beautiful navy blue looked exactly like something she'd wear. Surprise, surprise it's made by Ralph Lauren.

This is one of those dresses that are elegant enough for a dinner and wearable enough for work. The length and fit are flattering for almost every body type. So after finding it I'm thinking WWKW? (What would Kate wear?) Immediately, I thought of nude, classic pumps. These Guess heels are a staple for any closet! The color immediately makes your legs looks longer (The skin tone hue tricks the eye into thinking your legs are longer) and they go with literally everything you own!

I put my own twist on this look by pairing it with a leather camo handbag by Michael Kors. I couldn't see Kate venturing into the wild side too much- but I love this bag too much to not add my own flavor to this outfit!

What would a beautiful classic dress like this be on a Middleton without the statement made-for-a-princess jewelry? This necklace is jaw-dropping and timeless. This is one of those investment pieces you will wear for years to come. (P.S.- I just had to wear my fake engagement ring for yucks in this photo to play off the royal princess herself, I couldn't resist haha!)

Would you wear this dress? 

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  1. I agree, the dress does look like something Kate would wear. You look beautiful doll. xx

    P.S Love that bag!

  2. I love this dress! So classy!!!

  3. Love this super formal and classy dress!!

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  4. that dress looks so good on you! Dutchess Kate is a great fashion icons 'cuz she wears clothers that are affordable.

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    xoxo Heidi Caterina


  5. Beautiful! I love your style! Would you like to follow eachother?

    Your newest follower, Sarah



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