Mixed Print Geek

Forever 21 jeans, Guess pumps, Thrifted cardigan & striped top, ring from H&M

Booyah! Scored this cardigan and top for a combined price of $2.25 yesterday! Gotta love a thrift sale! Best part is- both were new with tags! I found so many new things that day, and I hadn't even intended on going. I work with young adults with Autism and we go to a job site at a thrift store so it worked out for all of us! Shopping+working=perfection.

And speaking of equations- I definitely look like a nerd. But don't tell-I kind of like it! I'm loving the nerdy geek chic look that glasses give, so I think I'm going to invest in a pair. Tomorrow. I'm that immediate gratification type of gal.

Continuing to love colored pants, and I haven't worn my purple pair in quite some time so I figured I'd bust 'em out and throw them with some mixed prints. Why not.

So excited to start my long weekend! What are you guys up to this Easter weekend?
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  1. I was a geek before it was cool. :)

  2. Flowers and stripes are one of my favourite mixes. And I love the rich berry colours!

    <3 Cambria

  3. I love this outfit, and love the way you mixed prints!!

  4. I know this post is old but I am in LOVE with this look! The jeans are the perfect color of burgundy/purple and the sweater with the striped top is adorable!



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