Going Green

Ralph Lauren handbag [Similar] Sandals c/o Clarks, Necklace c/o Christina M Boutique, Sunnies c/o Guess,   Similar dress

Green isn't generally a color a lot of people gravitate toward, (neither do I usually) but I thought it'd be fun to go all out for a change! Gotta love a pajama-feelin' dress. 

You might ask- why the hell are you in a cornfield? Hoping to score some free dinner! {jokes} But seriously- I love this time of year, and corn on the cob is one of my absolute favorites in the summer. 

Loving that it's finally Friday. Funny how I can't wait until the weekend, then when it's finally here all I seem to want to do is relax and not move. What are you all doing this weekend? Anything fun?

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  1. I wouldn't normally gravitate to green either but it looks really nice against my skin tone! And that dress looks lovely on you! Can I have that handbag? PLLLLZZZZ!!? :)

    This weekend the honey & I are attending a friend's wedding & on Sunday I'm shooting a fashion show so it's pretty much booked out already! Enjoy the relaxation for both of us!


  2. You look awesome! Love the bag.

    --- Nicole

  3. The the combination of the green in the dress & bag. That dress is so cute! Perfect look for summer!

  4. LOVE ur purse!!!!



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