Summer Kickoff Insta-Life

New arm candy from Eha By Love & new flats from Marshalls!

Sangria with my friend Ashley, Mom on Mother's Day,
 Friends at my friend Kay's Bachelorette Party, Nate and I on Memorial Day

Friends at Happy Hour, Henna and myself relaxing, 
Sporting my Lindsay Rae Designs necklace, Lauren and I at the Bachelorette Party (Wearing Jen Hoodenpyle)


My mom, aunt, and I on our first day in Boston!

Gloucester beach, Boston Common, Lunch at Cheers

My mom and aunt relaxing at the beach in Gloucester, 
our trip to the Salem Witch Museum, View from the train in Boston,
 Seashells on the beach in Gloucester

View of the Bicentennial Tower in downtown Erie, New F21 bracelet (gift from Mom)
Relaxing in Gloucester, Huge bubbles with the students on their last day of school

Amazing finds at the Framingham, Massachusetts Marshalls- Sam Edelman heels,
 Kate Spade sandals, Givenchy bowling bag, Vince Camuto leopard beauty

Donning the new white jeans and leopard Sperrys at work,
 Floral jeans for dinner out with friends, New UO dress for a night downtown, Sherbet treats!

New Marshalls giftcard for an upcoming giveaway!, 
Arm candy for my friend's wedding, My brother and his girlfriend Molly at trivia night

Nate and I at my friend's wedding, My family on Memorial Day, 
Beautiful necklace from Cayetano Legacy, Tribal bodycon skirt and denim for trivia night!

This past month has been a whirlwind! I've been so busy packing fun plans into the past few weeks that it's hard to believe we're already into June!

From parties to weddings and picnics, May and early June have been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the rest of summer! It's finally really heating up here and I plan to spend the day in the pool finishing The Hunger Games! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

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  1. OMG, I love this. So much fun and energy in every picture! xo

  2. Didn't know you live in MA, and then I saw Salem Witch Museum!I live in Salem, love it!


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