Metallic Sweater & Tartan

I can't seem to stop meddling with metallic! The sheer shine of it all draws me in every time. From my observations; metallic is slowly replacing the sequin. I like how this sweater gets an edgy makeover without the New Year's Eve showiness.

True to form, I dressed it down with a new tartan button down from Abercrombie & Fitch  and a pair of cargo skinnies. With a new twist on the cowboy boot, my new Adona boots are made for trekkin'! I wore this outfit shopping and errand-running. With the temps we've been having lately- I had to bundle up!

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  1. wow i dont know if ive seen the metallic and plaid combo, i love it on you, it really works!


  2. Beautiful snaps! Love the make up tricks too - must keep for inspiration!

    xo Lulu

  3. I am looking to buy this sweater but it is sold out in all Chicago stores. I can get it online but im wondering about sizing. Kohls is all over the map in sizing. Does it run big? I was assuming just buy it bigger. it strikes me as a sweater that would look better a little baggy like yours! Thanks

    1. I got a large and I'm normally a medium :)


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