Dipping into Punchy Florals

  • Yellow shorts from Plato's Closet $8 (J Crew)*Pop of value!
  • Floral halter top from Clothes Mentor $7.50 (Ann Taylor Loft)
  • Necklace from Icing $2

Spring's floral designs really come alive when paired with the season's most vibrant hues. Accentuating a color in the pattern with bold and playful colors modernize a vintage approach to the popular seasonal trend. Accessorize with a pale (or bold) solid-colored chunky statement necklace, and you have a completely modern take on this classic design. Very wearable in the summer heat, this outfit can take you from meeting the parents to a BBQ and practically everywhere else you'd find yourself this season. Lighter hues such as pale pink or yellow help to keep you cool, while showing off that tan! Halters such as the one pictured here, really show off shoulders, while cap-sleeved pieces help to hide them. Either top is in trend, just be sure to highlight what you've got and let your own unique style do the talking!

Photos by R Frank Photography www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography

Pop of health/fitness: Stick with it!
  • Set realistic goals. Don't try to run a marathon or lose 10 pounds in a month.
  • Begin slowly and try a number of different exercises. Limit the length of each session.
  • Use visualization daily: Picture yourself enjoying your workout and then feeling great when you've finished.
  • Schedule exercise and make it a top priority in your life. Write it down on your calendar and keep a daily exercise log.
  • Identify one exercise that you enjoy doing on most days. If you're traveling, maintain some kind of routine. Find a fitness center at the hotel, go for a swim, or take a long walk. You can also try strengthening exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, calf raises, and lunges.
  • Don't feel guilty when you miss a session or two. Negative feelings will only hinder your motivation. Getting back on track will make you feel better.
  • If boredom is hindering your routine, try doing new exercises, pick a new sport, or recruit an exercise partner. The key is finding something you like and sticking with it.
  • Distractions -- such as reading, listening to music, or watching television while you work out -- can also help keep you motivated. Try exercising at a different time of day, or break up a workout schedule to include aerobic exercise in the morning and strength training at night.
Information from http://women.webmd.com
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