Livening up Crisp White

  • Dress from mom's closet
  • Necklace from Plato's Closet
  • Scarf (worn as belt) from Gabriel Brothers
  • Head scarf from Coach
  • Thrifted vintage snakeskin heels
This is my version of a resort outfit for summer. I love how the the freshly-cut grass green and the bright pink contrasts over the crisp white of the dress and geometric necklace. Adding chicness to a simple dress allows for so much color versatility in the accessories. This look is soft and pulled together all the while being extremely easy to throw together.

Pop of health/fitness: Enjoying one cup of plain yogurt four times a week helps prevent this summer scourge-- and cuts recovery time in half if you do fall ill. Yogurt keeps your intestines full of healthy probiotic bacteria, which crowd out disease-triggering germs before they can get a toehold.
Information from First magazine
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  1. You have such a great style and always so cool outfits.I am asking me how a big wardrobe you have got?
    xx Tanja

  2. I love your headscarf and definitely THE necklace!
    I found you on ifb. Have an amazing day! x



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