Attention Women in the Erie Area!

So I recently had hair feather extensions put in by the wonderful Lindsey Allen and I absolutely love them! These are the "cream of the crop" when it comes to hair feathers, they are the original hair feather extensions from Featherheads. Featherheads carries all natural feathers from Whiting Farms, which are the best quality you can buy. Because of their quality, they can be brushed, straightened, curled, and blow dried (up to 450 degrees), and can be treated like normal hair. The application is quick and non-damaging to your hair. They are reusable, and wearable for up to 6 months at a time. They come in a variety of lengths and colors, ranging from natural (like mine-which is called "Indian Summer") to bright and playful like the ones pictured below. The extremely affordable cost for a cluster of approximately 7 feathers is $40. This is quite the deal, when you consider the quality and longevity you are getting out of your extension wear. Beware of local salons who often provide imitation craft feathers and see Lindsey for the real thing. I highly recommend her services for a personable and affordable experience.


              Lindsey Allen herself sporting six turquoise feather clusters.

                Lindsey's sister Leslie donning two purple feather clusters.

Longtime customer Autumn Szklenski wearing "Rainbow bright" and other bright feathers.

See what she has to say: 
"I love going to Lindsey Allen at Koenig’s to get my hair done; every time I walk into the shop Lindsey greets me with a smile and a hello :). She always finds time for me even on short notice which is always amazing. I have gotten four feather extensions put in by her and have received countless compliments on them. I tell everyone about her because I couldn't ever find a better stylist than Lindsey!"

Selena Gomez sporting "Natural" from Featherheads. Many celebs such as Selena, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Steven Tyler have been seen wearing Featherheads feather extensions.

See below for a full list of services by Lindsey, located conveniently on Rt. 5, just before the Bayfront Highway.

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